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Try A Little Tenderness lyrics


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     Try A Little Tenderness
    >> Marty Robbins
        [This is for you] Ooh she may be weary
    And them young girls they do get weary
    Wearing that same old shaggy dress
    But when they get weary
    [You gotta] try a little tenderness
    [Tell you, might not believe it, but]
    You know she's waiting
    Just anticipating
    The thing that she'll never, never, possess,no,no
    But while [all the time] she's without it
    Go to her and try just a little bit of tenderness
    [Thats all you gentlemen gotta do]
    Oh,but its one thing
    It might be a bit sentimental yeah, yeah
    She has - her greaves and care
    But the soft words [they] are spoken so gentle
    But, oh, that makes it, makes it easier to bear, yeah
    You wont regret it
    No no,
    Them young girls they dont forget it
    [Cause] Love is their whole, whole happiness Yes, yes, yeah
    And its all so easy
    Come on and try
    Try a little Tenderness
    Yeah Try
    Just keep on trying
    You've got to love her
    Squeeze her
    Don't tease her Make love [Get to her]
    Hold her tight
    Just, just try a little tenderness
    Thats all you gotta do
    Youve gotta hold her tight
    One more time
    You`ve got to love her
    hold her Don't tease her
    Never leave her
    Make love to her
    Hold her, man
    Try a little tenderness
    [Just one time] God have mercy now

    All you`ve gotta do
    Love her
    You've gotta hold her
    Don't squeeze her
    Never leave her Y
    ou gotta now,now,now
    Watch it , tell everybody
    Try a little tenderness
    You gotta make love
    Don't tease her
    Never leave her
    Rub her down
    Smooth her, soothe her
    Move her
    Love her
    Rub her
    Gotta gotta, zak it to her
    Try some tenderness
    Oh yeah
    Little tendernes
    Gotta, lord you gotta hold her
    Squeeze her Never leave her
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